Snow Swirled High in the Sky — Platon Voron’ko

Just a quick one for today.

This one is a little loose in a few places to make room for all the fun rhymes. A more direct translation for the first line (and title) is “Snow fell on the doorstep.” If you can somehow make this poem work by rhyming every line with the word “doorstep,” contact me and I’ll give you five dollars and my deepest creative respect.

Падав сніг на поріг

Платон Воронько

Падав сніг на поріг.
Кіт зліпив собі пиріг.
Поки смажив, поки пік,
а пиріг — водою стік.
Кіт не знав, що на пиріг
треба тісто, а не сніг.

Snow Swirled High in the Sky

Platon Voron’ko

Snow swirled high in the sky.
Cat wanted to make a pie.
While it baked and while it fried
the pie melted down and dried.
Silly cat! To make a pie,
give some dough, not snow, a try.

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