I translate poetry from Ukrainian to English. This site serves as a portfolio of my work. I hope it brings the richness and beauty of Ukrainian poetry to a new English-speaking audience and inspires others to try translating poems.

My Translation Philosophy

I believe in the importance of rhyme and meter. There are many poets in translation who strive to translate the precise meaning of each word in prose. I give more weight to the musicality of the text. This means the exact meanings of words may be adjusted or substituted slightly in my poems.

Here are some examples:

Original LineLiteral TranslationMy Translation
Нам ніколи не повернутись до наших нічних крамниць.We will never return to our night stores.It is not for us to come back to that little cigarette store.
списки загиблих, друковані без коректурlists of the dead, published without copyeditinglists of the dead that the editor read once at most

If you’re citing my translation as part of a work that requires the greatest literal accuracy, therefore, you should consult another translation before proceeding.


All rights to original poems remain with their original authors. This site is a personal portfolio with no monetary aims. My goals are to keep all my poetic translation work in one place and to share Ukrainian poetry with a new audience.

If you are an author and you wish for your poems to be removed from this public site, contact me and I will gladly do so.


You can contact me through this form. I’ll be happy to answer your question or request within a few days.